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Flexibility and versatility of the RAF series based on the example of the OnePrice 2020 project

Flexibility and versatility of the RAF series based on the example of the OnePrice 2020 project


Serial solutions are becoming more and more popular among retail business owners every year. This is for a reason: such equipment is interchangeable and, as a rule, is produced much faster than any customized analogues. 

This flexibility is especially appreciated due to the unstable economic situation in the world: some stores are closing, some are changing their format, some are opening or “moving”.

We have already written about the RAF series and how it can be used in non-food stores and other retail spaces. Today we will return to this topic using the OnePrice case of Ustor. 

Briefly about OnePrice

OnePrice is a young but very dynamic retail chain with home and household goods from manufacturers from both China and Ukraine. Each retail outlet offers 10,000 items, including household chemicals, home products, gadgets, writing instruments, tools, cosmetics, clothing and much more. 

The company appeared in 2018, successfully survived the crisis, and now has about 30 stores. The specific feature of this network is that prices are lower than on the market. This is provided due to established imports, promotions, as well as a flexible system of discounts (on the amount), according to the internal bonus system and so on. 

Recently there were only outlets in Kiev, but in the third quarter of 2020, contrary to all quarantine difficulties, OnePrice opened stores in Kharkov and Cherkassy. Stores are also about to open in Odessa. 

Why the RAF-series

Ustor team helped to produce flexible equipment for fresh spots in Kharkov. The RAF series was taken as the basis because it is suitable for displaying all categories of goods presented by the client. Such serial solutions are regularly ordered by the most different corner stores like pharmacies, pet stores, stationery and others. 

RAF is a constructor, with elements that can be easily moved or transported. Racks can be branded and equipped with navigation elements. 

It includes wall and island constructions that can also be equipped with curbs, baskets, shelves and other supporting elements for comfortable goods displaying. 

The peculiarity of stores like OnePrice is the frequent change of assortment, dynamic increase of brands and suppliers, seasonal products, and items with different specifics of storage and location. 

Therefore, it is extremely relevant that it is very easy to remove or change shelves, as well as to move the construction inside the room. It is also possible to quickly transform the racks for products: add hooks, containers, change the height of the shelves, add perforated panels.

An “anti-crisis” solution?

Another advantage of this series is its high durability and wear resistance, which is indispensable for stores with active traffic and high throughput, especially in the low-cost segment. 

It is also convenient for goods of different weight. Practical experience of Ustor proved that the racks can bear up to 110 kg, while standard hooks - up to 2.4 kg. Some customers [e.g. a series of MasterZoo pet stores] have equipped more than 60 retail outlets with RAF series equipment, and during the quarantine period another loyal customer (the art shop Akvarel) returned to us for a series solution. 

The elements of the RAF series are made of sheet metal or profiled metal with plastic, wood, steel or glass components. The racks can be painted with the powder paints preferred by the customer. The basic color is white, but any combination from our palette is possible.

6 advantages of the RAF series for OnePrice stores

Finally, we want to highlight a few positive aspects of serial equipment for multi-brand stores in the low-cost segment, using OnePrice as an example:

  1. Fast production. Any custom solution requires design, extended manufacturing period, but in this case from the initial data to the installation at the location passes a very short time interval.

  2. Simple installation. The equipment installation at the location is really fast. Besides, it can be done by the customer himself. 

  3. Customization with your own two hands. If you sell goods for different purposes, which regularly change, then it is important to be able to change the height of shelves, add and remove baskets, hooks and other storage accessories. Serial equipment allows you to do it quickly and independently — literally like a construction set. 

  4. Durability. Simple, durable materials, as well as stable construction are the guarantee that even the huge volume of traffic will not affect the quality of exploitation: racks can hardly be knocked or broken.

  5. Long service life. This comes from the previous point — such racks will last you for a really long time.

  6. Flexibility. Thanks to the interchangeability of elements, you can transform the space, move, combine equipment from different locations and, most importantly, act flexibly, keeping up with the time.