The pandemic is changing our lifestyles and habits, including our shopping habits. In 2020, online sales amounted to $189 billion, which is 33% more than in 2019. Retail is flexible […]


Future of Retail

A little over a year ago the Ustor team visited the largest retail exhibition in Europe, Euroshop 2020. One of the key trends that we wrote about in our review […]


Eco-friendly approach in retail [case study “Vsi. Svoi” by Ustor]

Consumption and the necessity to increase production capacity have for a long time stimulated the market to create a lot of serial equipment. But time goes on, and now the […]


Customization — the future of retail

Experts believe that by 2030, 67% of consumer interactions will be provided by smart devices. Would it be wrong for brands to trade empathy for efficiency? Modern technologies have completely […]


How the consumer will look like in 10 years?

Over a year ago, before the first quarantine in Ukraine has happened, the Ustor team had visited Euroshop 2020, the largest retail event of the last four years. In this […]


Euroshop 2020: the wolrdwode largest retail exhibition in Düsseldorf [Retrospective]

Each year, retailers are opening more and more new stores. In this article we will summarize the results for 2019 and tell you how many new outlets were commissioned by […]


Records for 2019. How many outlets have been opened by large ukrainian retail chains

In January 2020, Las Vegas hosted the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, a major exhibition focused on home appliances and electronics. Manufacturers showed technologies and products that will definitely change the […]


[CES-2020] Technology for retail: from smart mirror to a robot waiter

Most recently, Forrester conducted a survey that interviewed both retailers and buyers. The main task of the American company was to identify customer expectations and the willingness of companies to […]


Buyers want the convenience of online and offline shopping… But are retailers ready for it? [Forrester research]

Music is a strong element of psychological impact on the consumer, and along with visual triggers, it is actively used in trade and business. In this material we will try […]


The sound of a brand or how music affects consumers

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