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Online shopping is associated with speed and comfort. However, it still has not managed to replace physical purchases. Retailers see this kind of shopping as a competitor that cannot withstand […]


Effect POP and POS Marketing Have on Customer Experience

Color is one of the most powerful tools to influence people. Various shades contribute to brand awareness, catch attention, stimulate actions, inspire confidence, and can even boost sales. According to […]


Psychology of Color in Marketing. How Color Solutions Affect Consumers

Retail has come through major changes over the last three years. COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior, forcing them to use online shopping more actively. Amazon’s net sales have increased by […]


2024 Retail Trends — What Tendencies Will Rule Next Year

COVID-19 has transformed global retail and changed shopping habits. Over the past 3 years, the industry has adapted to changing consumer behaviour and expectations. The post-pandemic changes have forced retailers […]


The future of retail — 4 scenarios for bricks and clicks

Retailers need to make offers customers can never reject, that later transform them into regular clients. But how can one leave behind not only competitors but also fast and handy […]


Selling Emotions: How to Conquer Customers With Design Solutions

High competition forces retailers to continually seek new ways to attract customers. One of the most successful strategies in retail has become merchandising, which harmoniously combines elements of marketing and […]


Merchandising as Tool to Influence Customers

Business under war is an extremely complicated trial. It’s a challenge for every company, but only the most powerful can cope with it. Even under extreme conditions, in a period […]


Ustor Resumes Work: Ukrainian Retail Equipment Manufacturer Launches its own Production

Nevertheless, not everything is so unambiguous. After all, where offline outlets have lost profits, e-commerce has traditionally benefited and found new promising vectors of development. In the past couple of […]


“Global retailer revenue in the Fashion segment fell 18.9%,” Riskified

Sports retail is one of the rather young trends on the Ukrainian market. It opens the door to innovation and gives owners a unique opportunity to adapt and implement the […]


Useful equipment for sports retailers

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