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Sports retail is one of the rather young trends on the Ukrainian market. It opens the door to innovation and gives owners a unique opportunity to adapt and implement the […]


Useful equipment for sports retailers

For the past few years, there has been a growing trend among customers toward eco-friendly consumption and healthy eating. Quarantine has forced many of us to take our health more […]


Eco-trends in retail in 2021

Forced isolation has given consumers a new experience: when you can’t go to an offline store, you have to shop online, even if it previously seemed something new and unfamiliar. […]


How to bring consumers back to offline stores? [Post-quarantine research by Epson]

Serial solutions are becoming more and more popular among retail business owners every year. This is for a reason: such equipment is interchangeable and, as a rule, is produced much […]


Flexibility and versatility of the RAF series based on the example of the OnePrice 2020 project

Metal is one of the basic materials that all modern retailers work with. Why? Because metal has all the potential to meet almost any challenge in realizing your store concept. […]


Retail with a heart of metal

The pandemic is changing our lifestyles and habits, including our shopping habits. In 2020, online sales amounted to $189 billion, which is 33% more than in 2019. Retail is flexible […]


Future of Retail

A little over a year ago the Ustor team visited the largest retail exhibition in Europe, Euroshop 2020. One of the key trends that we wrote about in our review […]


Eco-friendly approach in retail [case study “Vsi. Svoi” by Ustor]

Consumption and the necessity to increase production capacity have for a long time stimulated the market to create a lot of serial equipment. But time goes on, and now the […]


Customization — the future of retail

Experts believe that by 2030, 67% of consumer interactions will be provided by smart devices. Would it be wrong for brands to trade empathy for efficiency? Modern technologies have completely […]


How the consumer will look like in 10 years?

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