Vending machines, biometrics and artificial intelligence, peering intently at your face — what else to expect from technological innovations in the retail world?   Vending machines   Lack of qualified […]


Modern trends in retail technologies: automation, technology, ecologization

Ukrainian vending trends Automation and sales through vending machines are showing increasingly positive trends in the growth of their share in retail worldwide. But what is the situation with vending […]


World and Ukrainian retail: news of July

Ustor collaboration with BabyShop began in 2017, with production of the Trunki and Tinto brand stands. And in 2018, we have already adapted their brand book for future stores for […]


How Displays for BabyShop Were Created

The proper product placement in the shop works better than advertising. The company Ustor specializes in finding and manufacturing the right display systems for product layouts. These are not just […]


How to choose the form and color for retail display system [shelving units, showcases, counters]

This new digest of the Ustor team has gathered the most interesting news about what happened and changed on the retail front! Cars Parking on the roofs of shopping malls […]


Ukrainian and international retail: interesting of June

Once ephemeral and innovative, Pop-up container shops have flooded retailers around the globe. From ordinary, standard metal containers for sea freight! The very ones that dust in port warehouses in […]


Pop-up shops from sea containers take over retail

We continue to post the most interesting news of the world and Ukrainian retail. This article contains the best May publications about Ukrainian retail. outlined retail digitalization trends According […]


News of Ukrainian Retail in May 2019

Line personnel usually account for about 80% of the company’s total staff. It is this category of retail workers – sales assistants, cashiers, freight forwarders – who are most likely […]


How technology can help you deal with staffing shortages in retail stores

We have already written about the importance of having a small pet teacher to help us show our best qualities: responsibility, care, empathy, love… And it is good that now […]


Racks for pet products

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