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4 steps from idea to shelve

Customer brand book
First, you send the brand book and all project materials to the team for evaluation.
Evaluation and Offer
Specialists study the materials and formulate an offer with the price and terms. You get a commercial offer.
Sample and contract signing
After agreeing the conditions, you get a sample. Next, we sign the contract, which regulates the terms and scope of work.
Full project implementation
Ustor specialists begin the project. The finished order is shipped and delivered to your shopping facility.

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What are the undoubted advantages of branded shelving?
Stand out in the multi-brand space

Stand out in the multi-brand space

In large multi-brand spaces, a branded shelving is an opportunity to focus on your products and distinguish them among dozens of competitors. Increase sales, make it easy for consumers to find your product.

The bright part of the integral whole

The bright part of the integral whole

Trading premises should be designed in a single style, creating a common indivisible environment. We offer a balance between brand identity and the harmonious integration of shelving in the space.

The image of any brand

The image of any brand

Any company has its own colours, form-factor and other special requirements, thanks to which the consumer recognizes the brand. Branded shelving is an essential element for any large trade facility.

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