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Ustor Resumes Work: Ukrainian Retail Equipment Manufacturer Launches its own Production

Ustor Resumes Work: Ukrainian Retail Equipment Manufacturer Launches its own Production


Business under war is an extremely complicated trial. It’s a challenge for every company, but only the most powerful can cope with it. Even under extreme conditions, in a period of uncertainty and a narrow horizon of planning, it is possible to resume a full-fledged functioning of a personal manufacturing process, meet obligations, and work on new projects. After a forced pause, Ustor, a company from Kharkiv,  launches its activity at full capacity and is ready to work on new orders. 

Ustor, Ukrainian retail equipment manufacturer


More than 15 years on the market is a solid age. A company with its own production applies a modern approach to the business understanding and supports its employees’ desire for professional development. Such a combination enables the realization of various projects. 

Since 2000, Ustor has been working oin the Ukrainian retail market in Ukraine, releasing equipment for retail, brand shelves, and steel furniture. The foundation of the work is a construction crew, qualified craftsmen, and modern manufacture. The full-fledged cycle — technical documentation development, preparation, quality control, delivery, and the installation of finished equipment in the object — enables the commitment of orders in the terms established even under current conditions.  

Ustor works and takes orders 


The resume of work during a state of war and equipment production for various groups of users is a step in the right direction for the entire retail market. There is a personal park of modern equipment located in the Kharkiv district, therefore, Ustor realizes projects for different difficulty levels for Ukrainian and international brands. 

Today, we work with partners meeting the agreements regarding terms and quality. In-time termination of installation works throughout Ukraine is the guarantee of your shops opening on time. We fulfil our obligations, react to clients’ requests and get a sound quality/price correlation. 

Realize clients’ desires


Restrained minimalism, bold decoration, a thrilling combination of form and color — it’s the owner who chooses the design, and the Ustor specialists transform all ideas into a finished product. Cooperation begins after the technical task: having received a brandbook or equipment drawing, craftsmen estimate the volume of work, select materials, plan estimates, and determine the terms of realization. 

If needed, specialists provide a client with recommendations regarding the material and hardware. When a commercial offer is developed, the contract is signed, and the construction documentation is prepared, the order is put into production.  The final stage is the shipment and installation in a trading floor. 

Interior design is a powerful marketing tool. The unique image of a retail space influences the emotional mood of customers and provokes the desire to return. A single interior, a mix of comfort and aesthetics, corporate style depicted in every detail, and correct space zoning are the requirement that influences sales growth. 

Ustor not only works from scratch, at the start of the project, but also can get involved at any stage of realization: idea, sketch, design, or technical drawing. One of the company's missions is the technical realization of artistic design solutions.

Projects realized

We are proud of our cooperation with Ukrainian brands and realized designs, developed by foreign (Polish, Italian, and Baltic) design studios. We also adapt foreign concepts for possibilities of material suppliers in the domestic market. In our portfolio, you can find works for such brands as «Vsi.Svoi», Intersport, 4F, «Antoshka» Chicco, BabyShop, SPAR, Andre Tan, «ViVat, chancellery», MasterZoo, Dorko, Werk, Distar, Ownat, Stanley, Karcher, and others. 

All projects assemble functionality, convenience, and aesthetic aspect. Equipment developed for retail platforms contributes to the organization of space. 

The war made its adjustments in life and all business spheres, but there are things that remain unchanged: high quality, respect for agreements, fulfillment of obligations in specific terms, win-win strategy, and maximal adaptability to new realities. 

This approach makes it possible to create long-term business relations, especially since in this case every party grows and develops business. 

Order a free calculation on the official site. Ustor is waiting for your orders, ready to realize new interesting projects all over Ukraine!