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Branded racks based on the RAF series [with examples]

Branded racks based on the RAF series [with examples]


Last year we already talked a little about the RAF series and gave examples of how standard shelving can be adapted to products from different niches. We won't go over it again, instead we'll talk about branded shelving based on the same product line.

Branded shelving based on the RAF series

Брендированные стеллажи на основе серии RAF

The role of branded shelving in the retail space


Owners of retail outlets order shelving not only to create the right mood in the sales room, but also to make it convenient for the buyer to take out the goods and put them back on the shelf. Constructions should fit into the interior, take up the laid-out square meters, show the products so that they would want to buy. If we talk about POS-materials, they also play a role in the overall strategy of the company promotion. Branded shelves with their shades and logo attract visitors as soon as they enter the room. Especially if it is a multi-brand shopping center, such as "Epicenter", "New Line", "Auchan". Retailers do not need to order additional printing of branded leaflets, posters or banners, racks will work better than other promotional materials. Yes, they will not work as effectively as a conversation with a consultant, but will increase the chances of selling a certain product at times.

Benefit from such designs not only for the brand, but also for the buyer: he can easily find the products of your favorite brand on the shelves. The client does not need to first look for a consultant to lead him to the product, and then also to choose among several similar things one necessary. All you need to do is look around in the room, look for the logo on the shelf and find the right product on the shelves.


Examples of branded shelving based on the Ustor RAF series


1. The Dnipro-M brand has been producing power tools and equipment for Ukrainian consumers for about 20 years. The company's range includes screwdrivers, punches, roulettes, screwdrivers and other tools. For this brand we have produced a rack with a perforated wall, hooks and shelves so that it could accommodate both small hand tools and more voluminous equipment. At the customer's request we have painted the brand colors: orange and black.

Branded racks based on the RAF range

Брендированные стеллажи на основе линейки RAF

2. For the Grunhelm brand, the Ustor team produced a display rack for the boilers. This company has not been on the market so long, but has already managed to win consumers with a quality/price ratio. We worked according to the designers' sketches, the construction was powder-coated in standard white color, supplemented the composition with a special green shade.

Branded shelves based on RAF

Брендированные стеллажи на основе RAF

3. For the same company, we produced shelving for household appliances. This design is designed for volume and heavy goods. It is painted black.

Branded shelves [based on RAF]

Брендированные стеллажи [на основе RAF]

4. Brand Werk sells in the Ukrainian market pumps, welding equipment, various hand tools and so on. In assortment there are many small goods under which we have produced racks with perforated panels and hooks. We have got rather spacious designs without unnecessary distractions. A huge advantage is that even if the exposition of goods changes, there is no need to order a new display. RAF series allows you to mount and dismount shelves, baskets, hooks yourself.

Branded shelves for shops from different niches

Брендированные стеллажи для магазинов из разных ниш

Branded racks from Ustor

Брендированные стеллажи от Ustor

5. The Belinka brand produces protective and decorative coatings for wooden products. We have produced a rack that can withstand heavy paint cans and at the same time showcases the goods favourably. Branded shelving is painted in corporate colors.

Branded shelving on the basis of a standard range

Брендированные стеллажи на основе стандартной линейки

6. The Vitals brand offers its customers power tools, welding equipment and garden and park equipment. We have produced a rack for pumping equipment, taking into account heavy loads. Painted in blue and blue shades.

Branded racks based on RAF

Брендированные стеллажи на основе RAF

7. For the manufacturer of BIOL dishes we have produced branded shelves based on the RAF series. This brand has been on the market for more than 15 years, and its range includes pans, saucepans, pots, goose pans, cauldrons and so on. The shelves are powder-coated in white and red colors.

Branded shelves from Ustor

Брендированные стеллажи от компании Ustor

8. SPARKY has been manufacturing power tools for over 50 years, the quality of which is confirmed by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TUV Rheinland GS Din CE IEC certificates. So that customers can see each tool, we have produced a shelf with a perforated back wall and hooks of different shapes and lengths. By customer's order, we have painted in silver shade, supplemented the design with backlit logo.

Branded racks for different niches

Брендированные стеллажи для разных ниш

9. For STARK ST we have produced a rack under the means of fastening. Hooks and shelves with metal separators were used in the construction. The shelving is equipped with upper and side advertising panels. They are painted in yellow and black shades.

Branded shelves [examples]

Брендированные стеллажи {примеры]

10. The Italian company Tenax produces adhesives, mastics, purifiers and other chemicals for natural stone. For this brand, we have produced a rack with hooks and special shelves and baskets for storing and displaying roll materials. Powder coating was applied in yellow.

Branded shelves [examples of Ustor]

Брендированные стеллажи [примеры Ustor]

11. Lessner brand releases pans, kettles and other kitchen attributes to the market. Only safe materials are used for production, and the users' attention is focused on ergonomic design. Ustor has produced a branded shelving for the company. It is a universal one-sided shelf, which consists of two vertical parts. One part is used to showcase products on shelves [the customer can change the distance between them by adjusting the height of the dishes], and the other part is used to place products on hooks. The design is made in accordance with the brandbook and is supplemented with a logo.

Ustor: branded shelving based on RAF

Ustor: брендированные стеллажи на основе RAF

On the basis of the RAF series it is possible to produce racks for different niches: from electrical equipment to dishes. The main feature of the range is that all elements can be easily attached and removed, hooks can be rearranged and shelf heights can be changed. Ustor produces branded equipment that helps customers orientate themselves in the room, attracts attention and complements the interior of the sales area.