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Retail equipment for non-food stores [on the example of RAF series]

Retail equipment for non-food stores [on the example of RAF series]


RAF Series retail equipment — universal. As your favorite jeans, it fits almost any product. Grocery stores, supermarkets, pet stores, stationery retail chains and many others order these racks.


Universal "designer" for commercial premises


The RAF series consists of wall-hung, wall-mounted and island shelving units which can be supplemented with shelves, baskets, hooks, edges and other accessories on request. The equipment from this range is easy to assemble and disassemble, clean or change extra shelves. The series, like LEGO's designer, can be transformed into a certain type of product: add perforated panels and hooks of different lengths, containers, change the height of shelves and so on. And thanks to the strong material and the ability of structures to withstand heavy loads, this series will appeal to owners of economy class stores, retail outlets of household chemicals, computer equipment.

The main elements are made of sheet and profile metal, additional elements are made of steel, glass, plastic or wood. Racks, which we produce, are capable of withstanding weight up to 110 kg [depends on different factors], and hooks — up to 2.4 kg [length — from 150 to 300 mm]. We use powder paints to paint the shelves. The standard shade is white, but on request we can cover the equipment with another colour from the RAL palette.


Some examples from Ustor


The RAF series became the basis for the production of shelving for Master Zoo pet stores [equipped 60+ stores]. The company has been on the market for over 15 years, during which time they have opened over 80 outlets. Stores are equipped with shelving units in various configurations, including the classic one-sided and two-sided models. During our cooperation the MasterZoo team has changed the color of equipment several times. They experimented with shades that customers would have liked and associated with comfort, and powder coatings helped to realize all the ideas. The photo below shows the store concept we implemented two years ago. For this shop space, we painted the structures in white. Today they have volumetric packages with food for animals, clothes for dogs, cat carriers and so on waiting for their buyers.

How can you adapt the basic shelving for your pet products

Как можно адаптировать базовые стеллажи под товары для животных

How to place small and bulky items neatly and fit into the rented square meters? There are many options. Let's show you how the designers handled it. For another Master Zoo we produced racks in which we combined perforated panels with hooks [for collars, leashes and other accessories] and shelves of different lengths [for volumetric items].

Commercial equipment [base — RAF series]

Торговое оборудование [основа — серия RAF]

For Master Zoo we have also produced racks with tilted accessories. The basis for this design was taken from the RAF series, and the designer selected additional elements from another line. This is the main advantage of RAF racks — they can be supplemented and transformed with a variety of details, based on the imagination of the specialist and the type of products. The equipment is painted white as standard.

In the hypermarket "Epicenter K", the Ustor team equipped a department of stationery. In this store you can buy not only accessories for school or office, but also building materials, furniture, garden products and so on. Crowds of customers come here every day, and everyone on the shelf must wait for goods. This is why the production of equipment is primarily load-based. According to the designer's drawings, our designers added perforated walls to classic shelves, made shelves for a large number of goods. According to the customer's order we have applied a powder coating of Graphite grey 7024 (matte) to the shop equipment.

For the shop "Vse. Svoy." produced trading equipment for tableware, home decor, textiles, souvenirs and other accessories. Our command has let out for shop a part of racks, including bilateral and wall models from metal.

Double-sided shelving for the dishes department 

Двусторонние стеллажи для отдела посуды

Another example of selling commercial equipment for dishes. For Vostorg supermarket we produced and assembled racks for pans, lids, pots, plates. We supplemented them with hooks of different lengths, holders for dishes and other accessories. We chose beige for the shelves.

Example of a rack for placing dishes

Пример стеллажа для размещения посуды

Racks for dishes

Стеллажи для посуды

For stationery stores, the number of specialized and universal accessories is important. In AKVAREL shelving units every detail is thought over: hooks of different lengths, accessories for paper storage, partitions for pens and pencils are selected. You can also adjust the distance between the shelves yourself and adapt them to different product sizes.

Shelves for displaying stationery

Стеллажи для демонстрации канцтоваров

RAF series is suitable for equipping shops of different formats: food mini-markets, stationery shops, household chemicals and appliances, auto parts, products for children, perfumes. This line in the skilled hands of the designer and designer becomes not only a decoration of the sales area, but also a practical element that meets the needs of the consumer.