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LINE and FRAME series for the clothing display

LINE and FRAME series for the clothing display


Nothing succeeds like simplicity, so Ustor uses modular trading equipment which may be adapted to different niches. All the elements are designed so they can easily complement or replace each other. They are suitable for equipping clothing, footwear and accessories stores. We have gathered the best foreign experience and found the most suitable solutions for our retail market for designing the LINE and FRAME series.

Стеллажи на основе LINE для Fan-shop «Шахтер»

LINE series for middle-priced clothing stores

Fashionable and stylish clothes should be presented the same way, but all attention should belong to the product only. Minimalism is trendy, so Ustor has developed the LINE series of retail equipment. It is flexible, light and has a simple design. It involves the distance from the wall to the stand remains the same, while the holes for attaching accessories and brackets are located only on the front side. FRAME series allows variable distance so the designer can easily create different geometry of the space.

This series is the perfect solution for various retail spaces and it suits a wide range of interior projects. It is universal for displaying a wide range of goods including the democratic segments. LINE includes perforated stands, island structures, and different accessories. This series has a variety of elements put together, so the client has an opportunity to choose the right number of brackets and hooks. According to this, our team will help to organize the trading spaces in the best way possible.

Стеллажи для ТЦ «Восторг» от Ustor

The basic elements are made of strong metal. The allowable load on an arc-shaped hanger is 50 kg, on a pipe for accessories it is 40 kg, on straight ceiling brackets it reaches 50 kg while inclined may sustain up to 35 kg. The hangers have 2 kg of a bearable load. It means that you can place heavy outerwear and accessories without any problems.

The modular system is designed for sportswear, shoe shops, women's and men's clothing and accessories. Also, LINE series can be easily used to equip showrooms, exhibition stands, event pavilions, and production facilities. Ustor has implemented LINE series for such projects as men's, women's and children's clothing departments at Vostorg, Bambi, Shakhtar, and other stores.

Стеллажи на основе линейки LINE

FRAME for creative ideas

Ustor appreciates your desire to differentiate trading spaces and make them both comfortable and pleasant for workers and customers. That's why we offer the FRAME modular system. It has a minimalistic and clean design, which allows you to create exciting solutions for commercial spaces.

The FRAME series not only fits into any interior but also allows you to display goods in the best way possible. It has a minimalistic design and consists of transparent elements so the focal point stays on the product. Racks based on FRAME are perfect for a wide range of retail segments, such as clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Стеллажи на основе серии FRAME для магазина Lily Land

The FRAME system consists of concealed perforated wall posts with universal attachments, as well as island modules with brackets, pedestals, and bars. Such a combination allows you not only to choose the elements but also their position. For example, the side racks can be freely selected in relation to the axis of the shelf.

All elements are made of strong materials. That's why the allowable load for the U-bar is 50 kg, for a conventional bar — 40 kg, while ceiling brackets can support up to 50 kg. The structure can be painted with powder paints that are highly resistant.

Ustor has implemented the FRAME series for the Bambi project and some other clothing stores. This modular system is also highly popular for offices (for open spaces mostly).

Стеллажи на основе серии FRAME для магазина «Бемби»

Customizing standard series for a specific niche

Ustor creates retail equipment for different areas of retail, based on one of the series or sketches by designers. The designers think about what accessories to complement the standard modular system. The result is unique, practical and comfortable shelving, as well as wall systems that competently demonstrate the products and convey the atmosphere of the store.

For the Lily Land online shop's showroom, Ustor company has created retail equipment based on FRAME series. Bright colors were chosen for the family audience. It has created the atmosphere of the shop and served as the brand's business card. The equipment was fully suitable for the most profitable placement of children's clothing. Minimalistic lines do not distract customers attention from bright designer clothes.

Lily Land — стеллажи на основе серии FRAME

"Bambi" is a Ukrainian manufacturer of children's clothing, which has more than 20 years of experience in the market. The assortment includes more than 400 positions, while the brand is well-known not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, Belarus, and Moldova. We have been working with this company for many years and have developed 2 concepts for their shops: the first one was based on the LINE series, while the second one was based on FRAME.

Пример стеллажей на основе серий FRAME и LINE

The LINE and FRAME series is a turnkey solution for stores with medium and high price tags. All elements are designed to correctly present the product and its advantages. You do not need to modify anything — we will manufacture and install the shop equipment on your request.