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Branded tool racks [with examples]

Branded tool racks [with examples]


Universal shelving is not suitable for you if you need to highlight products in the sales area. And standard designs will not demonstrate hand tools as well as equipment with perforated panels. To highlight the brand and increase sales, retailers often order branded shelving for construction products. Electrical tools, facing tiles and other products weigh a lot, and if dropped, will be damaged or can harm the health of staff and customers. Ustor makes racks from metal - strong and universal material that will fit almost any interior.

Брендированные стеллажи для инструментов

Metal shelving: why are they chosen for displaying tools?


The advantages of metal shelving include:

+ A great variety of constructions of all kinds and shapes. Ceiling, wall, stand-alone, mobile, frame or shelf, beamed or deep...
+ Optimal value for money.
+ Long service life: up to 30 years.
+ Unpretentiousness in care.
+ Convenient, fast assembly and disassembly.
+ Functional and simultaneously easy to use.
+ Robustness reserve provides additional reliability for metal structures.
+ You can upgrade a finished structure (if it is based on a series) at any time with additional hooks, modules, partitions, special sections and the like.
+ Presentable appearance.

They have, of course, several disadvantages as well. For example, almost all metals are vulnerable to corrosion. But this problem is easily solved - the rack is simply covered with a protective powder coating. It is durable, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Another disadvantage - the high weight of the metal structures themselves. This can be a problem in some situations, for example, during transport. But this problem is also solved: structures made of aluminium or other light alloys can be ordered. However, the cost of such structures can already be much higher.

Металлические стеллажи: почему их выбирают для демонстрации инструментов

What do you need to know before ordering branded tool racks?


+ Determine for yourself which products will be placed in the shelves. Both weight and size as well as shape matter.
+ The design of the shelving unit must be designed so that there is room for both display and storage of goods.
+ Choose the shelving system according to your future load. For bulky goods, structures with wide surfaces will be suitable, and for smaller goods, hooks and shelves with separators.
+ Consider where the shelving will be placed: in a building store, in a hypermarket, at an exhibition.
+ Find a designer or designer who will develop drawings and sketches of future equipment. This way you get an individual design that fits into the overall design concept.
+ Find a reliable manufacturer who can implement the design ideas without breaking agreements.


Examples of branded tool racks


For the brands Werk, Steel and Forte we have produced similar designs with perforated panels and hooks. The basis is the RAF series, which allows us to adjust to the product exposure. You can independently mount or dismantle additional elements, change the distance between shelves or lines of hooks and so on. As a result, we have a neat and spacious shelving, which does not distract from the products with its appearance.

Примеры стеллажей под инструменты

For "Dnipro-M" the team made a rack with perforated rear panels, hooks and shelves. Such design is suitable for placing both small and volumetric tools. The shelving is painted in corporate colors: black and orange.

Стеллажи под инструменты: пример

We also produced racks for demonstration of power tools, pumps, gardening equipment for Vitals brand. Look at the process here: https://www.ustor.com.ua/news/istoriya-proizvodstva-vitals/.

For SPARKY the team produced a batch of shelves in silver colour, the perforated panel was supplemented with hooks of different shapes and lengths. Thanks to the logo in the upper part of the structure, the shelving unit immediately stands out as a brand in a supermarket or an exhibition.

Брендированные стеллажи для разных ниш

Another example of a rack is the STARK ST anchorage structure. We used shelves with dividers and hooks for product demonstrations, and top and side panels for advertising.

Брендированные стеллажи [примеры]

For abrasive and grinding wheels for NovoAbrasive brand we have produced a construction "Christmas tree". The shelf takes up little space and shows products from all sides.

История стеллажей: пример современных моделей