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Sergey Zalkin: "Client-oriented approach and implementing of their brave ideas is our major interest"

Sergey Zalkin:


About company

Ustor has been working on the Ukrainian retail market for over 15 years. During this period, we have implemented a lot of non-food projects in such segments as Fashion, Kids, Sport, DIY, and others. In-house manufacturing allows us to implement any orders according to the design characteristics of the store. Our team finds a balancing act between the expectations of business owners and production capabilities, such as availability of materials, packaging and transportation to the location.  

About the business features

The main focus of our company is not on selling trading equipment, but on meeting the client's expectations and needs regarding the retail area arrangement. Our cooperation is based on developing trusting relationships and understanding both the client's tasks and the specifics of his business. By diving deep into the project, Ustor is always in league with the customer. That's why the efficiency of the client's business increases dramatically.

About materials

The in-house manufacture allows Ustor to produce metal constructions of different complexity. There is no single design standard now, so specialists are free to create a wide variety of commercial spaces. They can be designed according to the owner's budget and personal preferences. We produce constructions based on different design styles: from loft to parametric. The classical metal framework can be supplemented with elements of wood, plastic, glass, and concrete. Our specialists provide logistics and ensure the quality of the equipment installation.


About Customers

So far, we have had two main types of customers: international and national chain retailers, as well as manufacturers or distributors promoting their products by using branded racks. However, these are times of constant changes. The Internet expansion, the consumer paradigm-shifting, and the new generation of customers are influencing over the well-established formats and sales methods. Developers are increasingly preferred mixed design: a showroom + coffee shop, an office + shop, a shop + Internet shopping space, a mini hotel + shop + coffee shop. Ustor already has some experience in producing equipment for such new spaces. And we have a new segment of customers from the hospitality industry as well as owners of modern offices, especially open space enthusiasts.  

About the work process

The project starts with the technical task, prepared by the company's designers. After that comes the budget approval and the equipment customization — it should be adapted to the technological possibilities of production. Then we choose the materials, accessories and packaging to meet the customer's budget. After all approvals, the team starts producing. We follow the concept of lean production. We can spend a lot of time on control, but the best result achieves when our employees are involved in the process of optimizing production and are oriented to the customer's tasks and needs. Implementation and delivery time varies from one to three weeks. This time period depends on the size of the retail space, the availability of materials and components, and the complexity of the equipment itself.  


About the prospects

We are actively visiting international fairs and exhibitions on retail and trade equipment. The team also takes part in sector-specific forums and explores trends in the design and development of both commercial and public spaces. A well-established network of partners and extensive experience allows Ustor to expand into the European retail market, as well as to implement new interesting projects in any segment [including hospitality industry and office spaces].