Sergei Zalkin: "Focus on the customer and the realization of his bold ideas is our main interest."

Sergei Zalkin:


About company

The company USTOR more than 15 in the Ukrainian retail market. During its development, the company has implemented many network projects in the non-food retail segments Fashion, Kids, Sport, DIY, etc. Own production allows the company to fulfill orders taking into account the design features of the store or outlet. The design department ensures the combination of business owners' expectations with production capabilities, availability of materials, packaging features and transportation to the installation site.


About the peculiarities of business

The main credo of the company is not the sale of commercial equipment, but the solution of the client's tasks for arranging the outlet. Work on projects is carried out on the basis of building trust relationships and understanding the tasks of the client, the specifics of his business and the target audience of the brand. Such a dive in particular of each project, provides a "game" with the client in one team and increases its effectiveness.

About materials

Own production of USTOR provides the ability to produce designs of varying degrees of complexity from sheet and profile rolled metal. Now there is no single fashionable style and designers have the freedom to design commercial spaces, depending on the budgets and loyalties of brand owners. We make designs for many styles from loft to parametrism. Our contractors complement our capabilities with elements made of wood, plastic, glass, concrete. We provide logistics for these supplies and are responsible for the quality of the equipment installed at the facility.

Own production of USTOR

About Clients

Until recently, we had two main types of customers. This is an international and national retail network and manufacturers or distributors distributing their products through branded shelving. However, we live in a time of constant change. The development of the Internet, the change in the consumer paradigm, the entrance to the arena of a new generation of buyers affects the established formats and methods of sales. More and more often designers design mixes. Showroom plus a coffee shop, an office plus a store, a store plus a place for Internet shopping, a mini hotel plus a store plus a coffee shop. And we already have experience in manufacturing equipment for such new spaces. And we can say that we have a new segment of customers from the hospitality industry and owners of modern offices, especially fans of open space.


About work

Work on the project begins with a technical task, which is worked out by the company's designers. Then the budget and adaptation of the equipment to the technological possibilities of production are coordinated. Next, we select materials, fittings and packaging for the customer's budget. After all the approvals the team proceeds to the direct production of commercial equipment. We support the concept of lean manufacturing. You can spend a lot of time on monitoring, and even better, that employees were involved in the process of optimizing production and focused on the tasks and needs of the customer.

Timing for the implementation and delivery of the project is in the range of one to three weeks. These time frames are explained by the following factors - the size of the outlet, the availability of materials and accessories, the degree of complexity of the equipment itself.


Own production of USTOR

About plans for the future

We actively attend international trade fairs and exhibitions on retail and trade equipment. We participate in industry forums, study trends and trends in the design and development of commercial and public spaces. A well-established partner network and vast experience allow USTOR to integrate into the European retail market, as well as make interesting projects in new segments of the hospitality industry and open space for us.