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16 examples of shop interiors for inspiration

16 examples of shop interiors for inspiration


Shops "without borders", division into color zones, displays with information about new products... Brands change their outlets for customers. So that everyone who comes into the store would enjoy being in it, and shopping would bring emotional satisfaction. Companies from scratch develop design projects, complement the halls with food courts and upholstered furniture, monitor and implement their own applications for fitting shoes and make-up. Ustor team has found 16 most interesting and unusual shops, where customers not only go for the product, but also for cool photos and new emotions.

16 stores with memorable interiors

1. MyPlay

Shopping and entertainment space MyPlay was opened in Kiev on February 14. The design of the space is made in brand colors, one wall in the store is replaced by panoramic windows. The shop is divided into zones: VR zone for testing robots and gadgets, coffee zone, pool with balls, space for games and gift wrapping. The feature of all MyPlay points is a laser tunnel. And the new room has increased the area and number of "corridors" of this "attraction".

Interior of MyPlay store

Интерьер магазина MyPlay

Each department has toys that can be tested right in the hall. The child can take several models of headphones, listen to their favorite track and choose the product he likes. Besides toys, there are smart robots lurking here. The washing machine can speak and execute commands in 3 languages. It also installed a virtual shelf — a visitor can order a product that is not in a particular store, or just play.

An example of the interior of the MyPlay store

Пример интерьера магазина MyPlay

2. Brocard Niche Bar

A conceptual boutique Brocard Niche Bar was opened in Lviv. Several styles are mixed in the design: loft and Scandinavian minimalism. The designers combined simplicity and sophistication, emphasizing the unique products. On the territory of 152 square meters there is a niche perfume by Amouroud, Atelier Cologne, Escentric Molecules, Esteban and others.

Brocar d Niche Bar as an example of a memorable interiorBrocar d Niche Bar как пример запоминающегося интерьера

Brocard Niche Bar concept boutique

Концептуальный бутик Brocard Niche Bar

3. Pedder on Scotts

The sports shop is divided into 7 color zones to make it easier for the visitor to navigate the room. The structures combine metal, glass and wood, the wall racks are adjacent to the island structures.

Interior Pedder on Scotts

Интерьер Pedder on Scotts

How is the shop Pedder on Scotts

Как оформлен магазин Pedder on Scotts

4. Dior

Dior brand boutique was opened in Mexico City, designed by American architect Peter Marino. Each rack is made of premium materials, and the decor deserves special attention. To try on the shoes there is a soft pouffe in the form of clover, and the wall has a video panel.

Interior of Dior boutique in Mexico City

Интерьер бутика Dior в Мехико

Dior in Mexico City

Dior в Мехико

5. Ferrari

The character of the brand is reflected not only in the brand shades, but also in luxurious finishes and materials. In the design you can see the dynamic lines that are associated with racing cars. In addition to the brand products, 3 cars are also located in the store, so that everyone can test their driving skills on a virtual track.

Design of Ferrari brand store

Дизайн фирменного магазина Ferrari

Dynamic Ferrari store design

Динамичный дизайн магазина Ferrari

6. Lacoste

The designers of DesignLSM were faced with the task of creating a concept in which every square meter would be involved. In the 85-square-metre store, all the attention is drawn to the products. Flat showcases, ordinary concrete lamps, wooden floors — none of the details draw attention to itself.

Design of Lacoste shop

 Оформление магазина Lacoste

Lacoste's interior

Прим интерьера Lacoste

7. Charming Charlie

Conceptual design is made in brand colors of the shop. In order to visually divide into zones, the assortment is located in the shop floor by colors. Here the wall racks are adjacent to the island structures, and the atmosphere is complemented by spherical chandeliers and mirrors. Bright signboards contrast with white walls and furniture, and classic parquet emphasizes the created luxury.

An interior example by Charming Charlie

Пример интерьера Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie: color separation and spherical chandeliers

Charming Charlie: разделение по цветам и шарообразные люстры

8. Chicago Blackhawks

The sports shop of the American ice hockey club is made in white color, supplemented with dynamic screens and symbols. Custom-made sculptural figures are placed on the premises, and an unusual chandelier with skates is suspended from the ceiling. The sales room has a touch screen with a camera and a green background so that every visitor can play on the field with the famous team.

Chicago Blackhawks: Ice skating chandelier

Chicago Blackhawks: люстра из коньков

Interior example of Chicago Blackhawks

Пример интерьера Chicago Blackhawks

9. Dufry Shop

The Duty Free project at Brazil Airport is a mix of European concepts and a traveler orientation. The interior used the style of aircraft and travel: windows imitate portholes, for shopping there are special luggage carts.

Dufry Shop

Магазин авиакомпании Dufry

Dufry Shop: an example of a memorable interior

Магазин авиакомпании Dufry : пример запоминающегося интерьера

10. Oasis

In the premises in classic style you will find not only a shop, but also a manicure and pedicure art salon, a cafe. This is a Georgian yard with chairs and tables of different shapes and colors, with wallpaper decorated with dragonflies.

Oasis Shop: An example of a memorable interior

Магазин Oasis: пример запоминающегося интерьера

Oasis: classic style and mix formats

Oasis: классический стиль и микс форматов

11. II Gufo

The Italian brand sells children's clothing. The company has decorated its shop in the Scandinavian style, supplemented the interior with wooden shelves and pedestals. The designers created the installation a la children's room, all furniture and shelves are made of natural materials. The concept expresses the philosophy of the company, where the main place is given to nature and children.

II Gufo: an example of the interior of a children's shop

Il Gufo: пример интерьера детского магазина

II Gufo: interior of a children's shop

Il Gufo: интерьер детского магазина

12. Step by Step

In a simple design concept, the space is zoned with color and materials, and as an unusual addition, a showcase with dolls. In order not to distract the visitor from clothes, the interior is made of natural raw materials. For demonstration of dresses, T-shirts, shirts there are black wooden cabinets and ordinary metal bars.

Simple design concept for Step by Step

Простая дизайн-концепция для Step by Step

Step by Step: Examples of Interior for Inspiration

Step by Step: примеры интерьера для вдохновения

13. Oilily's shop and workshop

The flagship boutique reflects the concept: "A woman whose whole life is a work of art". The interior design is complemented by unique lighting fixtures for illumination of clothes, stool constructions, dummies suspended from the ceiling.

Shop-workshop Oilily: example of the interior

Магазин-мастерская Oilily: пример интерьера

Shop workshop Oilily: decor

Магазин-мастерская Oilily: декор

14. Nike+Run Club Omotesando

A sports brand store is not just a point of sale, it is a place where healthy lifestyle fans can discuss the benefits of new sneakers. The two-storey room is made in a futuristic style. In the room, visitors can consult on running loads, individual activities, change the image under the control of the stylist. There is also a T-shirt sewing design studio and a shoe making workshop.

Nike+Run Club Omotesando: design concept

Nike+Run Club Omotesando: дизайн-концепция

Interior Nike+Run Club Omotesando

Интерьер Nike+Run Club Omotesando

15. Adidas Originals

The design project of the sports store conveys the traditional character of the company and reflects the modern lifestyle of customers. There are square armchairs, bright carpets with ornaments, furniture from the 70s. On the walls there are white tiles and copies of Deineka's drawings [his works decorate Kiev subway stations]. The design was developed by the Russian studio Stereotactic.

Adidas Originals: Interior of a sports store

Adidas Originals: интерьер спортивного магазина

Adidas Originals: the nature of the company and the lifestyle of its customers

Adidas Originals: характер компании и образ жизни покупателей

16. PUMA Black Label

The concept store is simple and functional. Black shelving brings a universal touch to the interior, while mirror panels visually expand the space. The walls are decorated with spectacular Japanese style graffiti.

PUMA Black Label: an example of sports store design

PUMA Black Label: пример оформления спортивного магазина

PUMA Black Label: one example of a memorable interior

PUMA Black Label: один из примеров запоминающегося интерьера