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10 design ideas in the commercial space equipment

10 design ideas in the commercial space equipment


Without the right design of commercial premises, goods are not selling well — this conclusion was reached back in 2014. Since then, all companies have been immersed in retail design, began to realize how important it is to create a special atmosphere for customers. Goods should not just lie in a prominent place, but demonstrate problem-solving, show how to satisfy customers' needs. For this purpose, designers help retailers properly decorate the retail space, functionally zoning it, and fill it with the necessary equipment.


Trader Joe's: How Retail Branding Improves Sales


The American food company Trader Joe's sells organic products in stores near the house. On an area of 900 square meters they are able to earn 2 million dollars every month. This success is due to a non-standard approach to sales.

Originality manifests itself in everything: from the choice of shopping equipment to design space. All posters, price tags and shop windows are painted by an in-house artist, the shop is divided into functional zones by country. Here you will not find tangerines from Georgia and mangoes from Thailand in one section. All showcases are also thematically decorated.

Trader Joe's and an example of original retail equipment

Trader Joe's и пример оригинального торгового оборудования

The store has an atmosphere, so people come here for emotion. Retailer gives the visitor something more than just products, and this is helped by special design, branding.


The role of the designer in equipping the retail space


Placing shelves and racks in the store can anyone, it's not difficult. But actions "blindly" will not bring big sales, will not attract an audience and will not be remembered by customers. This approach will not push the client to a second visit to the store, resale.

Properly designed showcases and a good location are of interest to the visitor, represent the range in the best light. And the original design increases the chance to make a purchase.

Designer ideas for the design of commercial space for children's shop

Дизайнерские идеи для оформления торгового помещения детского магазина

Retail branding is aimed at building associations with the store, creating a positive impression. Professional design of the trading platform helps to reach a high level of income, stabilize it and increase in proportion to attracting a new audience.


Designer ideas in the equipment of the retail space


Company Ustor has collected 10 interesting design solutions that will make the shop original, emphasize the peculiarity of the goods presentation.

1. The company Fits has invented an original way to demonstrate the socks. The client can immediately assess how the thing will look on his foot, choose a design without printing the package. There are many ways to showcase the jeans: place them on racks, neatly folded on pedestals or shelves. Or you can combine several options. The buyer considers the model, which hangs on a rack, easily finds the tag and examines the quality of the fabric, and then chooses the appropriate size on the shelf.

The idea of a display rack for gin and trousers

Идея стеллажа для демонстрации джин и брюк

2.  Fits has come up with an original way to showcase the socks. The client can immediately assess how the item will look on his foot, choose a design without printing the package.

Sock display

Дисплей для демонстрации носков

3. Ashley Homestore's furniture and home decoration designers have found a creative solution for placing voluminous products. They proposed special pillow racks that take up a minimum of space in the retail space and show the goods from all sides.

Cushion racks at Ashley Homestore

Стеллажи для подушек в Ashley Homestore

4. Designers of Van Dijk shop have developed clothes racks, which allow you to carefully examine the product, feel it and easily find the right size. Such racks save time and forces of the consultant: there is no need to constantly clean up the mountains of jeans, carefully fold them after the buyer did not come up with the goods.

The shelving design in Van Dijk's shop

Дизайн стеллажей в магазине Van Dijk

5. Designers of ALYSI STORE boutique embodied in the commercial space the ideas of minimalism for each hanger and shelf. Simple lines, no corners and pleasant monochrome colors do not distract attention from designer clothes.

Racks in the style of minimalism in ALYSI STORE

Стеллажи в стиле минимализм в ALYSI STORE

Design ideas for ALYSI STORE

Дизайнерские идеи для ALYSI STORE6. Air Jordan's Hong Kong sportswear shop attracts with spacious halls, shiny surfaces and stylish displays. The design that the designers have developed for footwear focuses on each model. Another feature of the store is that it has a pointer at the entrance to help you find a certain item without wandering around the room for long periods.

Ideas from Air Jordan designers

Идеи от дизайнеров Air Jordan7. The design concept of the store of the leading Asian skin care brand Sulwhasoo is intriguing already from the entrance to the building. The copper construction has filled every corner of the room and has become an interesting alternative for ordinary shelves and racks.

Ideas from designers for the Sulwhasoo store

Идеи от дизайнеров для магазина Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo design ideas

Дизайнерские идеи Sulwhasoo

8. The area of Casa Maserati shop is only 130 square meters. Here the designers managed to place the products, bar, kitchen, living room area and displays.

The design of the small shop Casa Maserati

Дизайн маленького магазина Casa Maserati

9. In the STORY shop various brands of clothes, footwear and home decor "get along", and each has its own zone. Lightweight chain-linked racks are used as dividers.

Design ideas for trade equipment. STORY Shop

Идеи дизайна торгового оборудования. Магазин STORY

Design ideas for STORY shop

Дизайнерские идеи для магазина STORY

Trade equipment from designers. Shop STORY

Торговое оборудование от дизайнеров. Магазин STORY

10. The "space" design of Sony PlayStation is complemented by wall shelves, island structures, VR displays. Touch modules allow visitors to find the product themselves and learn more about it.

Equipment design for Sony PlayStation store

Дизайн оборудования для магазина Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation designers' shelving ideas

Идеи стеллажей от дизайнеров Sony PlayStation

Retail branding helps to stand out from the rest of the market, to be remembered by visitors and to increase income. It is also one of the ways of rebranding, transition to a new market segment, adaptation to a new target audience. Ustor company will help to implement the ideas of your designers or adapt the basic series to the needs of the client.