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5 styles to decorate your store

5 styles to decorate your store


Fozzy Group opens retail spaces in art deco style and based on children's stories, Sony sells its consoles in "space" stores. Brands are invested in the development of thematic interiors for a reason. All for the sake of the buyer. Conquering a client offline becomes more and more difficult when the number of online buyers is growing [in 2018 already 25% of Ukrainians regularly buy goods online]. Companies are adding modules and screens, digital price tags and virtual shelves to retail spaces. The concept of the store consists of several factors: the position of the company, the wishes of its owner, customer requirements, trends in interior design. It is the last component that we will talk about today.

5 стилей для оформления вашего магазина

5 trendy styles in interior design in 2019


The tendency to design a commercial space in one particular style is replaced by an individual orientation. Brands express their position through personalized interiors. And strict symmetry has gone into the background, giving way to free order. For shelving and décor, designers select materials that are pleasant to the touch, and replace light, welcoming tones with more intimate shades, blue or green, for example. And metal accessories and structures become a fashionable accent in any interior.

Тренды в дизайне интерьеров магазинов



In 2018, the European Parliament banned the use of plastic dishes, the list of countries that are against the use of polyethylene bags is added. And the USA and Great Britain banned the use of microplastics in cosmetics. Therefore, "disposable" plastic furniture becomes one of the main anti-trends. Brands use things made of recycled materials, lyocell, tensel, eco leather and eco-fashioning.

Eco-skin was originally conceived as a way to escape from the working hustle and bustle, and to relax away from the city. This interior is dominated by calm tones, natural materials. Racks for the shop in ecostiles are simple in form construction, a little rough, with unfinished details. Fitting in the room looks like a plant print.

Design of clothes store Stomping Ground in ecostyle

Дизайн магазина одежды Stomping Ground в экостиле

The design of the clothing store Stomping Ground is made in eco style. The store attracts Canadians with goods from Norse Projects, Soulland, Schott NYC, The North Face, Levi's Commuter, Reebok and so on. Brand has its own philosophy: the quality of clothes and the way they are made is important.

Stomping Ground in eco style

Stomping Ground в экостиле



This style is distinguished by its simple forms, air, stinginess. This interior has a minimum of details, and it is liked not only by designers and architects, but also by artists and sculptors. An example of simple forms is the famous stacks of Donald Judd. You can vary the number of shelves, the main thing is to keep the rhythms between them.

An example of minimalism from Donald Judd

Пример минимализма от Дональда Джадда

Minimalism helps to organize space correctly, in such an interior the built-in organizers, compartments, containers look appropriate. In shops you can see a clear zoning of departments, a lot of light tones, materials with rough texture. There is practically no distracting decor in the interior, geometric shapes predominate. Racks with flat facades and mirrors are a variant for the shop in the style of minimalism.

An example of minimalism in the interior is the Brioni shop

Пример минимализма в интерьере — магазин бренда Brioni

The audience of the Italian brand Brioni is a premium segment of the market. That's why the two-storey shop was decorated in the royal style: designer furniture, built-in racks to the ceiling and columns of green marble. We got a laconic interior with no unnecessary details.

Minimalism is a trendy style in interior design

Минимализм — трендовый стиль в дизайне интерьеров



In such an interior, the touch screen can be found next to metal shelves, motion sensors for measuring customer activity — with classic information signs. Shops in techno style are spacious rooms with high ceilings, in the finishing the main part is given to glass and metal. Designers choose built-in designs so that there is plenty of space left. Racks are characterized by straight and strict lines, in every detail you can see the geometry.

For the presentation of the Motorsport collection, the Puma brand has thematically designed the flagship store. The designers developed a three-meter speedometer and placed it in a shop window, as well as a model of an acrylic plate car.

Puma shop in techno style

Магазин Puma в техно-стиле

Another example of techno style in the interior of the store is the Alisa Boost™ Energy Lab.

Alisa Boost™ Energy Lab Techno Shop

Магазин Аdidas Boost™ Energy Lab в стиле техно

The room consists of two parts: the first one demonstrates the functionality and design of Adidas Boost™ sneakers, and the second one is intended for their fitting and testing. For shoe testing, an LED floor panel and 3D display have been designed here.

Adidas Boost™ Energy Lab techno style store

Магазин Аdidas Boost™ Energy Lab в техно стиле

Italian style


This style is characterized by restraint, warm tones and a homely atmosphere. Designers use rich textures, soft lines, emphasize on constructions rather than additional accessories. What kind of furniture is characteristic of this style: without sharp corners, with wavy patterns and forged details, no deep geometry.

An example of Italian style in the interior of the store is Emilio Pucci boutique. The design project attracts with its shine and luxurious details: here marble and gold leaf are next to each other.

An example of a shop in Italian style. Emilio Pucci boutique

Пример магазина в итальянском стиле. Бутик Emilio Pucci



This style is distinguished by its open space, exposed beams and abundance of natural light. In loft style it is possible to connect shabby brick walls and modern touch screens, a metal staircase and a chrome mirror. In such rooms are installed multifunctional structures, which are characterized by simple forms and lines.

An example of a loft-style shop. Mardou & Dean

Пример магазина в стиле лофт. Mardou & Dean

The design project of the United Colors of Benetton store in Milan is elegant and dynamic. It combines a virtual service with a real one: even if clothes are out of stock, you can order them yourself.

Design project of the shop United Colors of Benetton in loft style

Дизайн-проект магазина United Colors of Benetton в стиле лофт

The Mardou & Dean shop in Norway consists of a café, recreation area, gallery and winter garden. Here, hanging pipes replace hangers for clothes, and peeled walls, ladders and sewing machines are next to fashionable designer accessories.

Mardou & Dean's shop in Norway. Loft Style

Магазин Mardou & Dean в Норвегии. Стиль лофт

The trend has minimal details, a combination of technology and simple objects, a combination of styles and shades. Constructions are becoming multifunctional, and consumers need more air. Whichever style you choose, remember that the main thing is to show the consumers your true character.