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Individual designs: examples from international designers and the Ustor team

Individual designs: examples from international designers and the Ustor team


Out of 450 advertising materials in the store, customers notice only 15. For a visitor to pay attention to the brand, you need to take care of the quality of the shelving at all levels: where the POS-materials are placed, how well they are made and so on. Let's stop at the design of constructions. Simplicity and convenience is always a trend, but the visual component also plays a role. The customer assesses the appearance of the store with his eyes, and non-standard installations, developed according to the individual design project, make him stop and take a closer look at the rack [and the goods on it].

Индивидуальные конструкции: примеры от зарубежных дизайнеров и команды Ustor

Who chooses non-standard shelving


The original shelves can be seen today even in our usual supermarkets and boutiques. Many large companies also rely on the visual design of the retail space in pursuit of the client. In "Klass" supermarket there are branded shelves by Jack Daniels, supplemented with a guitar image, and a children's clothing store presents its products in regular jars.

These shelves are also ordered for concept stores. In these rooms, designers emphasize the unusual design of shop windows. Shop outlets are distinguished by the fact that it is the design of constructions that comes to the fore. The way they are exhibited. Shoppers go to the concept store not so much for certain goods as for emotions, visual inspiration. The entire interior of the store is built around a single idea, each shelf and rack fits into the developed concept.

Non-standard shelving for concept boards

Нестандартные стеллажи для концепт-сторов

6 original shelves from foreign designers...

1. Winter Woodworks shelving for displaying sunglasses. The design was created for a clothing and accessories store. Two shelves are complemented by mirrors of different sizes. The equipment is mounted on inner columns to avoid extra square meters. For lighting the construction was complemented by LED bulbs.

Racks from Winter Woodworks for demonstration of sunglasses
Стеллаж от Winter Woodworks для демонстрации солнцезащитных очков.

2. Constructions for placing children's goods in London boutique La Coqueta. Standard cans suspended from the ceiling can be not just a part of the decor, but also a kind of shelves for displaying goods. Shoes, butterflies or dice — any compact product can be presented in this way, all depends on the imagination of the designer.

Constructions for placement of children's goods in London boutique La Coqueta

Конструкции для размещения детских товаров в лондонском бутике La Coqueta.

3. Facet Studio has developed T-shirt display racks. One part of the design is a model of clothes on a rack, where each can be carefully examined and touched. The second part is shelves with T-shirts already packed in plastic tubes.

Facet Studio has developed racks for the T-shirt demonstration.

Facet Studio разработали стеллажи для демонстрации футболок.

4. Staircase racks at Solly's shop in New Delhi. There are several styles of loft, minimalism and vintage in the shop space. The design attracts attention and demonstrates the products, allowing them to be viewed carefully.

Staircase rack at Solly shop in New Delhi

Лестница-стеллаж в магазине Solly в Нью-Дели.

5. Structures for displaying clothes at BANANA REPUBLIC. We have already seen the banks, but what about regular ropes instead of hangers? This is what the showcase at the designer shop of the famous brand BANANA REPUBLIC looks like.

BANANA REPUBLIC designs for clothes showcase

Конструкции для демонстрации одежды в BANANA REPUBLIC

6. The thoughts of the designers of Rodd & Gun and BANANA REPUBLIC are something similar. To showcase clothing, shoes and accessories, they chose the usual rough chains, which are combined with the atmosphere and products of the trading floor.

Chains for the clothing show at the Rodd & Gun store

Цепи для демонстрации одежды в магазине Rodd & Gun


… and four examples from Ustor


The Ustor team works with 2 types of branded shelving: the first one is based on the standard RAF range, the second one is based on designer sketches. We develop individual constructions under the standard scheme: we receive the drawing or the sketch from the designer, we discuss terms, we carry out a task. Also we are engaged in delivery of the made designs, each rack we complete the detailed scheme of assemblage. Some examples of individual constructions from our team.

1. Racks for Trunki brand products. We have produced this structure for presentation of goods in children's shops, duty free and haberdashery departments and other multi-brand retail spaces. The shelf is designed to be placed both in the center and in the corners of the room, supplemented with shelves and hooks to showcase Trunki suitcases.

Shelf for Trunki by Ustor

Стеллаж для Trunki от Ustor

2. Racks for ROSA brand. The Ukrainian company-manufacturer of materials for painting, goods for hobby and decoration has been supplying artists around the world for more than 15 years. There are several options for placing the goods: on hooks or in deep shelves.

Racks for ROSA brand

Стеллаж для бренда ROSA

3. For brand X-Treme produced a rack for construction equipment. The construction was completed with shelves with separators, specially designed for this rack, the logo on the top, painted black.

Racks for X-Treme brand

Стеллаж для бренда X-Treme

4. Racks for NovoAbrasive brand. Abrasive cutting and grinding wheels on Bakelite bundle are produced under this brand. The design of the "herringbone" takes a minimum of space in the room, shows circles of different diameters.

Racks for NovoAbrasive brand from Ustor

Стеллаж для бренда NovoAbrasive от Ustor

Design ideas implemented in the right place can bring new customers to the store, win the hearts of your customers, and stand out company against competitors. Remember: simplicity will always be in the trend, so do not overdo creativity :) And the Ustor team, as always, is ready to make shelf racks of varying complexity, to implement the ideas of your designers to the last shelf.