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Racks for pet products

Racks for pet products


We have already written about the importance of having a small pet teacher to help us show our best qualities: responsibility, care, empathy, love...

And it is good that now the culture of keeping different animals at home is rather high. If we aren't talking about rare exotics, you can buy high-quality products for pet care almost everywhere.

Ustor is also involved in the culture improvement process by helping the industry grow. We produce equipment that allows manufacturers and retailers to promote their pet products more effectively in competitive conditions and also increase sales.

Particularly, we have a longstanding cooperation with MasterZoo, a national brand store chain. We help to equip the retail space for selling various products, making it more functional and convenient through the more rational use of the retail space and the correct merchandising.

In this article, we are going to show you some successful solutions for pet racks and dilute them with our own design examples.

Metal shelving for pet products

Metal shelving is the most reliable and durable option for any shop. Branded metal racking of original color or design is the most suitable solution to highlight your product among all the competitors, especially for large multi-brand stores.

Ustor offers a modular design of metal shelving that allows you to flexibly change both the layout of the equipment and the way of displaying your goods. The modular structures help to save time and resources in a wide range of situations, from changing the product line to launching a new promotion. The flexibility and the rapid change of configurations of the trading equipment allow to reduce expenses and not to lose profit, as long as the shop is closed.

Metal racks have a high load-bearing capacity. High-quality powder coating, which does not contain any harmful impurities, protects them from corrosion and has a very long life-cycle. Metal shelving is quite practical and does not require any additional maintenance. This is why most animal products dealers prefer ordering metal racks for their stores.

In most cases, metal structures are combined with other materials. Usually with plastic. In this case, it plays not a bearing role, but rather a decorative one. It can be used for: forms and baskets for displaying some goods, as well as holders for price tags, logos, dividers, and advertising friezes.

Wooden racks for pet products

Wood is still a very popular material for commercial equipment production and decoration. Especially on the wave of a growing demand for eco-based equipment. After all, wood is a natural, organic material, which also has a luxurious appearance. Animal care, environmental conditions, and ecology are very well resonated with each other, and that's why you can often see wood as the main design material for pet shops. Wood makes you feel comfortable, as well as brings out the natural atmosphere.

Because of the high cost of high-quality wood with the desired qualities and beautiful textures, most often you may see racks made of wood-based materials, such as chipboard, MDF, plywood with various coatings (paint, film, veneer) and others. They are more useful than natural wood in many aspects, which makes them perfect for stores arrangement.

One more quite affordable and practical material for commercial equipment manufacturing that can be reasonably used for pet shops is simple cardboard. Often this cardboard is made of recycled materials — it's more eco-friendly.

The cardboard is very light and easy to work with, and its durability is enough to hold up not too much weight. With a certain design skill, even cardboard racks can become a great decoration for the shop and cause the desired WOW-effect.

Anyway, cardboard costs a penny compared to most other materials. Such equipment is easier to throw away or renew. You don't need to repair it and carefully maintain it for years. Unfortunately, you can not say the same about the printing: juicy, high-quality and professional print costs much more, but this is what makes equipment acquire corporate colors and become more attractive for the target group. The fragility of cardboard racks greatly reduces the area of their usage: mostly for short-term promotional campaigns.

Each retailer decides for himself which technology to use for the pet stores. However, in most cases, a win-win combination would be wood + metal.