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Displays for Grocery Stores

Displays for Grocery Stores


There are a lot of various products in grocery stores. All of them need to be properly demonstrated. To achieve this, the owners address designers, develop concepts and order shelving units. We collected the most interesting examples of the constructions by foreign retailers and several displays by Ustor.

10 Examples of Displays from Foreign Stores

  1. Delicatessen, Shenzhen

LineHouse was appointed to design this store. High ceilings allowed to implement an interesting idea — a complex construction made of tile and wood. This detail not only decorates the store, but also serves as the basis for holding signs, posters, dishes and so on. Shelving units and display cases are quite neat, made of wood, metal and glass.

2. Mero Mero, Sydney

Previously, the premises of this store served as a parking lot. The modern design is made in a classic style. A marble counter is intended to showcase the products.

3. Centra, Limerick

The store consists of grocery and vegetable sections as well as a newsstand. There is also a cafe where you can have breakfast or lunch. The store is designed in a Scandinavian style, the walls and retail equipment have various writings on, and the display racks are supplemented with modules.

4. Api(+), Florida

The shop is located in the old historical building, which used to be a car showroom. Some classic details and texture were retained indoors. The racks were precisely selected/ manufactured specially for the products.

5. Viaporin, Helsinki

The owner of this place got a store and a coffee shop combined and designed in a rustic style. The store has wooden shelving units alongside vintage furniture and hanging lighting. Part of the constructions is lined with mosaic tiles in shades of green. The cafe is dominated by minimalism, decorated by designer furniture and benches along the wall. Products are laid out on simple and neat shelvings. This authentic and personalized store attracts customers by its look and delicious products.

6. Michael Angelo, Toronto

You will be able to find a cafe in this very grocery store, where the chef prepares meals individually for each customer. The cooking process is broadcast on the screens. Separate showcases and shelves are turned into a market with clearly demarcated areas, where the buyers are led from one zone to another by skillful design techniques. There is a large curly shelving for placing tea and spices along one of the walls.

7. Jelmoli Department Store, Switzerland

A shop & restaurant  is decorated with canvases depicting sights of the city, neat tables, plants. Rounded displays and built-in constructions complement to the calm atmosphere.

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    The interior design was done by studiomfd. The designers took the brand philosophy as their basis [commitment to quality and tradition]. It turned out a kind of antique store with an inelaborate design. Here vintage is complemented by exclusive furniture, shelves made of wood and metal.

    9. Fenwick Food Hall, Newcastle

    Architecture studio CADA Design was tasked with creating a concept design. Fenwick’s Food Hall combines several departments: wine, bakery, bar, patisserie and restaurant. Moreover, the zones are separated by shelving units, counters, tables, finishing materials and lighting. All displays and furniture are made of natural materials.

    10. Peacock eMart, Seoul

    Here is another project by CADA Design. A hypermarket, a warehouse, and several different kitchens were combined in one space. Each mini-cafe have their own colors and materials in order to preserve the individual feel of each sales point. For example, American style hotdogs also found its place here.


    In brief about Ustor experience

    The team manufactures displays based on the universal  RAF series, working excellent for grocery stores. This line of retail equipment can be supplemented with fixtures, disassembled, assembled, have interchangeable shelves, in general, can be “played” with indefinitely :)

    One of the examples of this series is the equipment for the store Spar. The Netherlands supermarket chain is known in 34 countries of the world, including Ukraine. There are over 15,000 stores worldwide.

    About a year and a half ago we manufactured a brand book equipment for one of Kharkov stores. By the way, this project is among the three best grocery stores in Ukraine [according to Retail Design Awards 2017]. We manufactured shelvings for sweets, canned goods, delicacies, groceries, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This store trade equipment was developed by Ukrainian designer Vitalii Stepanenko. Have a look at the full portfolio of Spar shelvings here.