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"Vostorg" trade center equipment


Ustor has completed work on equipping the second floor of the Vostorg trade center. Its opening became one of the most large-scale events in the Kharkiv retail market over the past year.

The customer tasked the company for a comprehensive solution. Ustor made the design of the mall space, picked up the basic equipment, developed individual solutions by the customer’s sketches, manufactured and assembled all the structures.

The area of ​​the second floor of the Vostorg trade center is two thousand square meters and includes several shopping areas with various groups of goods, such as dishes and household goods, textile and linen, home and outerwear, haberdashery and souvenirs, stationery and toys.

During the implementation of this project, the specialists used all series of commercial equipment presented in the range of Ustor at present: RAF, CHERRY and the new LINE series. So, the latter was used to equip all the departments of clothing (women’s, men’s, children’s and underwear).

This is due to the fact that the design of the LINE series do not distract customers from choosing the products, save the store space, give a wide overview and easy access to the product. As the director of the Ustor company Sergey Zalkin noted, among the tasks resolved in the course of work on this project were limited time and the large scale of the trading space.

“The well-coordinated work of the customer’s designers and our production staff has become a key factor of success. Changes in the design of the trading space and technical drawings were made as quickly as possible, as a result, all works for production and installation were completed on time,” said Sergey.

This is the second work of the Ustor company for the Vostorg trade center. The companies cooperated for the first time in 2008. The high-quality implementation of the project on time, the compliance of the work performed with the customer’s requirements created a solid base for further cooperation.