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[CES-2020] Technology for retail: from smart mirror to a robot waiter

[CES-2020] Technology for retail: from smart mirror to a robot waiter


In January 2020, Las Vegas hosted the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, a major exhibition focused on home appliances and electronics. Manufacturers showed technologies and products that will definitely change the consumer experience.

The main focus was on data protection and maximum customer focus. In this article, we will talk about the solutions that could impact the retail market in the coming years.

Perso от O’Oreal — beauty and artificial intelligence

Perso is an interesting gadget designed for face care. The creators claim that it is capable of choosing care products for the user. Among the variables that Perso processes are skin condition, season, weather, time of day and others.

[CES-2020] Технологии для ритейла: от «умного» зеркала до робота-официанта

The Perso looks like a portable dispenser equipped with three cartridges. Each of them is filled with its own content, and depending on the circumstances, the user will be offered an individual formula that will help to achieve maximum effect right now. The "kit" with the device comes with a helper application.

Various shades of foundation cream, lipstick, types of creams and other cosmetics can be loaded into the cartridges. Soon, the device will be able to generate the perfect shade of foundation cream, lipstick and so on. And before the device "mixes" the ingredients, you can "try on" the proposed shade with the help of the augmented reality application.

Moptar will help you learn everything about the client

Another interesting solution for the trade market is the technology that will help to track the shopping path in the store. Supplementing it with FaceMe, in addition to the trajectory and number of visits, you will be able to track the gender, age and even emotional state of the consumer. This is a fundamentally new stage in offline analytics, which will help to make the level of service much higher.

[CES-2020] Технологии для ритейла: от «умного» зеркала до робота-официанта 

Your personal cosmetologist

Lululab Lumine offered interesting software to improve the level of service in trade and the beauty-industry. For example, a smart mirror can analyze a client's skin for problem areas, typify them and recommend suitable treatments. The device is combined with a special helmet.

An interesting solution based on the same technology is Aetrex Albert: this scanner automatically creates a volumetric foot model and helps to find the perfect insole.

HiMirror is a smart mirror

Another resonant device is the mirror, which helps to try on decorative cosmetics before buying. HiMirror is also equipped with a skin tracking application.

PantryOn will help you order products

PantryOn is not just software that detects what products are in your refrigerator, but also a solution that automatically generates a list, searches for items on the Internet and finds the best prices among retailers in your region. If some products are not available, PantryOn offers alternatives.

[CES-2020] Технологии для ритейла: от «умного» зеркала до робота-официанта

In the future, such a solution will help to correct the diet, identify its deficiencies and look for optimization methods based on the diagnosis, fitness goals, age and other given parameters.

Robot supplier from FedEx

Roxo is a delivery robot that will help to optimize the process of receiving goods. Instead of driving straight to the door or using human resources, online stores can save money. The customer will receive their parcels from the robot.

How does it work? Group transport drives several houses or a block away from the destination, and Roxo delivers the parcel to the yard (which is difficult to reach, for example). This way the company saves time and resources on the "last mile" of delivery.

[CES-2020] Технологии для ритейла: от «умного» зеркала до робота-официанта

Robot waiter

PuduTech is a Chinese company that offered a simple and cute robot waiter.

[CES-2020] Технологии для ритейла: от «умного» зеркала до робота-официанта

BellaBot only knows how to deliver plates and nice meows, but for some trading formats this is more than enough. Unfortunately, the device does not know how to accept an order — only to deliver.

[CES-2020] Технологии для ритейла: от «умного» зеркала до робота-официанта