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Shelves for sports shops

Shelves for sports shops


Workouts and competitions, active recreation and a healthy lifestyle — all the sports-related goods industry has entered our life so firmly that ordinary clothing stores are beginning to lose out to sports in popularity. And no wonder: sportswear is not only not inferior, but often superior to everyday wear in quality, comfort, design and many other characteristics.

Even niche companies, not to mention such giants as Nike, today have their own laboratories with scientists, engineers and designers to ensure that the quality of their products is not inferior to competitors. As a result, even the military and astronauts may envy the technologies that the sports industry has grown to include in its race and that athletes use on a daily basis.

Athletes sleep in special clothes, train in special equipment, perform in special uniforms, etc.


Why are technologies and innovations in sports so important?


Because sport, especially professional sport, is about the result and its achievement. And the result in sport, as a rule, is composed of the sum of many different components. Some of them separately seem insignificant to an uninitiated person, but in fact can affect a lot.

A vivid example of this is swimming costumes of the world famous brand Speedo. Every model of Speedo swimming costume has revolutionized the world of sports. Due to the fact that another new fabric composition reduced the coefficient of surface resistance of water by only a few percent, athletes in these suits took most of the medals in competitions, beat world and Olympic records.

Стеллажи для спортивных магазинов

In retail, as in sports, any little thing can stir up sales. And if it's not a trifle, but something more serious, such as the equipment retail store — it can affect its failure or success.

Powerful culture of consumption, abundance of brands and niches, good quality products, constant demand, high popularity of sporting goods among the population ... All this, of course, made the launch of retail outlets to sell sporting goods profitable and promising business for entrepreneurs.

However, no one said that it is easy to open a multi-brand sports shop or a new point of the branded chain. In addition to certain financial investments, the selection of rental space, personnel and assortment, retailers are faced with the question of choosing retail equipment for a sports store.


How to choose retail equipment


If it is a department store, the shelves will need to be selected in a single style, based on the best possible use of the area of the trading hall. Development of the concept of the store is better to give designers or architects (they now have on any budget and know all about zoning, aisles, loads and other features of the design of shops). And how the project will be ready — go with it directly to the manufacturer of equipment.

If it is a specialized or mono-brand store, you will need original designer racks that fit the style in the DNA of the brand, or at least branded. But if a retailer buys a franchise, it means that the concept is ready and the brandbook is designed — you can immediately contact the equipment manufacturer.

If there are difficulties with the availability of materials in the Ukrainian market, the manufacturer must help the client to adapt the concept to the capabilities of the Ukrainian range. For example, fittings and materials familiar to Western designers and architects may not be represented in the Ukrainian market, and not all materials should be imported.

Стеллажи для спортивных магазинов

Special shop — special equipment. This is especially true for the shelving of sports equipment, which is used, for example, in weightlifting. Metal structures are best suited for this role, as metal is the most durable, practical and reliable material that can safely withstand heavy loads.

It should be noted that a powerful design — a characteristic feature of all branded sporting goods stores. Therefore, to be a gray mouse on such a background is an unacceptable luxury for any brand that claims its share in this market. This means that without a professional hand in visual aesthetics your showcases can not do without.

With the online shop of sporting goods everything would be much easier: no shop windows or shelves — only one harsh warehouse. And if it's not about dropshipping. But online sporting goods stores do not give their target audience or a tangible emotional charge, or any significant experience of interaction with the brand, or even full confidence in the purchase. And for modern retailers, it is vital if they do not want to part with the audience and have its loyalty. Here, in addition, high-quality retail equipment will serve as effective additional advertising.

Whatever sports store you are not going to open or upgrade: mono— or multi-brand, experts Ustor ready to give professional advice on its equipment trade equipment, as well as to make racks for you of any complexity — examples of such work you can always find in the portfolio. We work with such brands as: Megasport, Intersport, Weekender, Columbia, FC Shakhtar...